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Convocation Offspring day (Nakomelingendag) 2020 geplaatst 10 Nov 2019 door DPHCN

The following litters are invited to the NAKOMELINGENDAG organized on Saturday 02 May 2020 in the Basiliek, Wilton Street 57 in Veenendaal. In November, the

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Report Jubilee Championship Clubmatch on september 7th, 2019 geplaatst 11 Sep 2019 door Janny Offereins-Snoek

The first anniversary Five years ago, the first Club match was realized by a young association with many enthusiastic dog lovers, who are determined to

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Agreement with Dogs Global is a fact! geplaatst 07 Jun 2019 door DPHCN

06 June 2019 is a special day for our association. Today, the agreement is signed between Dogs Global and DPHCN. Dogs Global is the new

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Why a standard hunting dog trial ' new style ' geplaatst 23 May 2019 door DPHCN

Soon you can register your Drent for an official SJP (standard hunting dog trial) at different locations in the country. For the SJP the registration

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Subcribe for the Nationale geplaatst 21 May 2019 door DPHCN

June 29th is the pedigree dogs Show for Dutch varieties: the NATIONALE weather georgansieerd. This time in the Hanzehal in Zutphen. The chance to show

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