A Championship club match where CAC points are to be earned for the Dutch Championship, Dutch youth Championship and Dutch veterans Championship. Also a special edition because it will be our Jubilee Club match 

The Championship club match is organized under the auspices of the Board of directors in Kynologisch area in the Netherlands.

The inspections will take place on the sports field of the Waltakke. The Kampioensschapsclubmatch we traditionally conclude with our now famous, cosy barbecue.

Waltakke2The club match is the opportunity to show your Drent in a friendly show competition.

The fee for registration amounts to only €32.50 per dog.
Registration fee for youngest puppy and puppy class is €15,-per dog.
For the veterans class the registration costs are €25,-per dog.
Registration is possible from the youngest puppy class to the veterans class. Click here to go to the registration form.

(When registering in the Champion class, we need to receive a copy of the Dutch championship Diploma or International (SHOW) championship diploma. (Winner titles, youth Champion and Veterans Championships do not count for the champion class. Registration in the working dog class can only be by submitting/uploading a Use dog statement)

You don’t have to be a member to join!

The Judges for the club match inspections are:
-Mrs. R. Leenen-Compen: Youngest puppy class, puppy class and youth class males and bitches.
-Mrs D. Mensink, Intermediate class; Open class, Champion class and Veteran class Males .
-Mrs G. de Wit-Bazelmans; Intermediate class; Open class, Champion class and veterans class Females.

During this day, there are several activities on the programme for everyone:
-The club match 
-The Child Dog Show (can enroll if the dog is also registered for the club match).

After that we organise a nice BBQ. The costs of participating in the barbecue are only €15,-per person excluding drinks. For children up to 12 years old the costs for participation in the barbecue €7.50 excluding drinks.

Waltakke-Overnight stayThere is also the possibility to stay overnight with Tent or camper on the grounds of the Waltakke.

In short a day that is a sign of much Drenten and conviviality! Registration is already possible. You can specify where you want to participate.

Click here to go to the registration form.

See you at the club match!

Start of the club match: 09.00 hours;  Commencement inspections 09:30 hours.

Address Championship Club match:

The Waltakke
Bolksbeekweg 7
7241 PH Lochem
Tel. +31573 47 13 13