1. The Championship Club match is held under the auspices of the Board of directors in Kynologisch area in the Netherlands.
  2. At the exhibition is the Kynologisch Regulations of the Association Board of Directors in Kynologisch area in the Netherlands and the rules of the F.C.I. Apply.
    The exhibition will be held on 15 September 2018 in the area of the Waltakke in Lochem, or if special circumstances require modification, on a place and date to be determined by the board.
  3. Inscriptions and payments must be received by 01 September 2018 at the latest via the online registration system. The Board reserves the right, to change the date of the exhibitions, to amend the date for the closing of the registration.
  4. Information is available from the secretariat. Registered can only be the dogs belonging to the recognized Dutch dog breed: Drentsche Partridge Dog, which are included in the NHSB, in the annexes of the NHSB or in a recognized foreign dog studbook. If you live in the Netherlands, the dog must be included in the NHSB. Import dogs must be overwritten.
  5. The registration must take place in the name and address of the first owner, as mentioned on the pedigree or the title deed. If this is a foreign exhibitor, it must also be registered at the foreign address. Dogs can never be registered with a foreign pedigree number at a Dutch address. All correspondence is via e-mail. If you would like to receive information by post, you can submit a request to the Secretariat (contact form).
  6. Registration requires the submitter/exhibitor to pay the registration fee. Registration without (direct) payment is not possible. Payment after closing date (01-09-2018) or on the day of the show is not allowed. Online registration is the same as signing and is your agreement with the stipulated rules. You can never rely on unfamiliarity with the rules.
  7. All dogs present at the exhibition (incl. visit dogs and/or demonstration dogs) must be able to show by means of the Union booklet/European Dog Passport that the dog is adequately protected by means of an inoculation or by means of titres (with due date By a practicing veterinarian in the European dog passport.
  8. Once registered dogs can no longer be withdrawn and/or changed. The published Judge list is subject to change.
  9. Upon registration you agree to the fact that your data is provided under the Personal Data Protection Act for the exhibition, the partners and for the activities of DPHCN (Drentsche spaniel Club Nederland).
  10. The submitter/Exhibitor declares that he is by subscribing to the jurisdiction of DPHCN and the Association board of Directors in Kynologisch area in the Netherlands and the operation of the Kynologisch regulations of the Board of Directors and the exhibition Regulations of the FCI And is deemed to be familiar with these rules.
  11. The submitter/exhibitor declares that the dog he has registered is adequately protected, by means of (regular) vaccinations whose validity is demonstrable or by means of titres, registered in the European Dog passport by a practicing Veterinarian with validity date. Furthermore, the submitter/exhibitor declares that the dog registered by him, insofar as he is known, has not mistakenly in circumstances during the last twelve weeks, thereby endangering the risk of contamination with dog sickness or any other infectious disease. Fear and that he will not submit the dog if the conditions are still to be done. This is the responsibility and the risk of the owner/exhibitor and the registration fee will NOT be refunded.
  12. The submitter/Exhibitor declares that the registered dog has not been docked to the ears. Dogs with docked ears may/may not participate, irrespective of the country where the dog is born/recouped.
  13. Dogs that have been docked on the tail and born in the Netherlands after 31 August 2001 or abroad after a statutory coup ban has become effective may not participate in the exhibition. Dogs with amputated tails may participate in this exhibition, provided that this amputation is the result of a medical necessity. The declaration of the necessary amputation must be recorded by a practicing veterinarian, with signature, in the European animal passport. This statement should be given to the event. Dogs with amputated tails can also take part if it can be shown that this dog is born-and is docked on the tail, in a country where no couper prohibition of tails applies or is born before there is a couper ban of tails in the homeland was in force. In that case, the country of birth must be indicated on registration. Not be allowed: a. Dogs with an ear or skin condition. B. Males who are not in possession of two normal testicles that have completely descended into the scrotum, unless they are registered exclusively for a competition or demonstration. Registering the aforementioned dogs with "conditions" is the responsibility of the Exhibitor/owner and in case one or more of these "disorders" are detected, the registration fee is not refunded.
  14. The classes in which it is possible to enroll (where the determination of the age is decisive for the date on which the dog is shown): 1. Youngest puppy class: For dogs who have reached the age of 4 months on the day of the event and have not reached the age of 6 months. (CAC not possible). 2. Puppy class: For dogs who have reached the age of 6 months on the day of the event and have not reached the age of 9 months (CAC is not possible). 3. Youth class: For dogs who have reached the age of 9 months on the day of the event and have not reached the age of 18 months. 4. Intermediate class: For dogs who have reached the age of 15 months on the day of the event and have not reached the age of 24 months. 5. Open class: For dogs who have reached the age of 15 months on the day of the event. 6. Use dog class: for use dogs who have reached the age of 15 months on the day of the event and for which the board of directors or, if the owner is resident abroad, by the umbrella organisation of that country, a statement Referred to in article IV. 21 paragraph 1 of the Kynologisch regulation has been issued (send a copy). If this copy is not attached, the dog is enrolled in the Open class. 7. Champion class: For dogs who have reached the age of 15 months on the day of the event and have a national or international championship title; For example Belgian, Dutch or German champion/VDH Champion (all other titles fall outside). A photocopy of the award of one of the titles by the umbrella organisation must be sent with the registration. If this copy is not attached, the dog is enrolled in the Open class. 8. Veteran class: For Dogs, who have reached the full age of 8 years on the day of the event.
  15. Other competitions. When registering for the Championship Club match, you can also apply to the dog (s) for other competitions: child/Dog Show.
  16. The inspections of DPHCN begin at 09:30 pm.
  17. The Erekeuringen of DPHCN capture to approx. 14:00 hours or as soon as the organisation deems it appropriate in the honour ring. The exhibitors are not warned via the public address system to come into the ring with their dog (s).
  18. The exhibition is open for exhibitors/dogs from 08:30 hours.
  19. The secretariat during the exhibition is open from 08:30 hours.
  20. Each participant irrevocably submits to the judgement of the appointed judge. Any dog brought shall be deemed to have been approved, subject to the judge designated for that race. Dogs sent by the judge from the ring, for whatever reason the consignment may be made, shall be deemed to have been approved.
  21. Article VI. 17 Kynologisch rules: A. It is prohibited to use "Parforce tyres", incentive bands and/or other coercive instruments on expositions or competitions.  B. It is forbidden to call, whistle, or otherwise attract the attention of these dogs (double handling) on an exhibition of dogs located in the ring, from outside the ring.
  22. At KCM, proposals for the award of a championship prize of the Board of Directors (double CAC) can be obtained.
  23. The exhibition will be given an opportunity to place stands against a remuneration to be determined by the board.
  24. The trading of dogs in and around the exhibition grounds is forbidden. This applies to both registered dogs and "non-registered dogs" and/or dogs of visitors.
  25. Damage caused by visitor, exhibitor, exhibitor or dog can never be recovered from the organisation.
  26. If by force majeure and/or in the interest of the dogs, the exhibition cannot continue, no (full) refund of the registration fee will take place. In the event of calamities, the organisation does not consider the obligation to return the registration fee in whole or in part.
  27. Unfamiliarity with the rules can never be argued as a reason for withdrawal.
  28. The amount of the enrolment fee depends on the number of dogs registered. The tariffs can be found on our website at the registration form.
  29. We work with an online registration module. If it is impossible for you to register in this way, please contact the secretariat by telephone or in writing. They will then search with you for another way of subscribing and paying.