06 June 2019 is a special day for our association. Today, the agreement is signed between Dogs Global and DPHCN.

Dogs Global is the new register which was set up by geneticist Pieter Oliehoek.

Together with Dogs Global, DPHCN is striking a clear and modern breeding direction aimed at "future-proof breeding" with the aim of keeping the population Drents healthy.

By Taking advantage of the latest insights, such as breeding on diversity and Mean Kinship, we are better able to collaborate with our affiliated Breeders and stud-dog owners to work on our goals.

Dogs Global is a register in which all Drents are included, including the Foreign dogs.

In Veenendaal, the agreement was signed by both parties with a signature of Pieter Oliehoekr of Dogs Global, our Chairman Henk Kamperman, our chairman breeding commitee Joost Wegink, and register manager Gijsbert van Luinen de Rooij.

DPHCN has been appointed by Dogs Global as an international register administrator for the Drentsche Partridge Dog

Very soon more on this website about Dogs Global.