Drentsche Partridge Dogs Club Nederland has a large group of active and experienced breeders. These breeders are familiar with all aspects that come with the breeding of a litter Drentsche spaniels.

Breeding-GuidanceIf you, as the owner of a beautiful Drenten female, are curious about the possibilities to breed a litter or have already made a choice to breed once, we can assist you with breeders guidance during the whole process if you wish.

This guidance can consist of answering some questions concerning, for example, the necessary examinations. In addition, we also offer you, by mutual agreement, the possibility to be accompanied by one of our coaches throughout the whole process.  This coach will assist you from the moment of the choice of a male to the moment that the puppies you have bred leave the nest.

By working with a coach you do not have to invent the wheel for the second time and you can fall back on experiences and advice from another breeder of our association.

The cooperation with the coach and the contact with Drentsche portholes Club Nederland should help you to ensure that the breeding of a litter will be a successful but especially enjoyable period, with the ultimate goal of giving a beautiful and healthy puppy to the New owners.

Breeders GuidanceThis does not stop, however, because the new puppy owners must always be able to contact their breeder with questions, a dog's life long. Remember that new breeders may be ' born ' from these new owners. This is still an underexposed topic for many associations. Our breed needs many breeders to maintain the breed, to ensure sufficient diversity and a sufficiently large gene pool.

If you are interested in speaking to us on this subject, please contact the member of the Committee on Breeding Affairs of Kamperman. Reach by phone number 0314-381319 or send an email.