DPHCN wants to discuss the breed technical, veterinary and social aspects of breeding by setting up special Breeders meetings.

These meetings therefore aim to:

-Share breeding experience with each other.
-one learns from each other.

In common we know more and we are more successful than alone. After all, breeding is difficult enough.


In addition to the well-known subjects, such as inbreeding coefficient, kinship, heredity, race-type and other subjects, we also stand still in the social aspects that come more and more on the road of the breeder.

In the media, breeders are repeatedly addressed to the known excesses as they occur in certain pedigree DOGSS every year, in a general sense.
Sometimes rightly so, but often so, all breeders are unjustifiably shaved over one comb.  Mostly with the same images or images taken from the English television. In England, because of abuses in breeding, some dog breeds have been alarmed.

-How do we, as serious Drenten breeders, deal with these allegations?
-How can we give our pupkopers that we do everything possible to give them a healthy puppy?
-How do we record and monitor, in the interests of buyers, breeders and ultimately also of ‘ our ‘ Association?

These are just a few questions where, in the interests of all breeders, a good solution has to be found.

If you are a breeder, future breeder or males owner, interested to think along and participate in the Breeders consultation, you can contact the member of the Committee on Breeding Affairs. Reach by phone number 0314-381319 or send an email.