nakomelingendagOur club regularly organises offspring days. These will be held in the Basiliek in Veenendaal.

A completely new complex with ample parking space, beautifully centrally located in the middle of our country.

During the offspring days you will have the chance to see the nest mates and the parents of your Drent and a judge to view your Drent  and to do a nest assessment.

In addition, there is the possibility to have the eyes of your Drent investigated on PRA at reduced rates.

Above all, it is a fun and pleasant day with lots of Drents and their owners.

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Read more about the Nakomelingendag in the Info Bulletin..

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[one_third][title]Ring classification[/title]

Curious about the ring classification of the upcoming Offsrping day?

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The route description to the Offspring day in the Basiliek.

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