The mating notification must be made within 21 days after mating has occurred, notification via the website:
Note This is also applicable for obtaining pedigrees.
Late notice will be charged at an additional cost of €15.00.

Birth notification must be made within 10 days via the website.
Note This is also applicable for obtaining pedigrees.
For late notification, there will be an additional charge of €2.50 per live puppy born.

Nesting visit from the club will take place after the 6 weeks of grafting has occurred and before the puppies leave the nest and in case of no message from the association you should contact the Committee on breeding matters for an appointment. The breeder must send all details of new owners, NHSB numbers and names pups within 30 days to the Committee on Breeding Affairs.

This data is necessary for the processing in Zoo Easy and Dogs Global and the invitation for the Offspring Day. The breeder must indicate in time how many pups are available and also to report in good time when puppies have been sold so that aspiring puppy will not inform buyers in vain and there are no more puppies available. If the breeder provides the report to the Board of Directors, it is wise to do this simultaneously to DPHCN.