Fifth general members meeting of DPHCN 22 January 2019 starting 19:30 hours (Hall open 19:00 hours)
Only accessible to members and family members.
Address: Wilton Street 56 3905 KW Veenendaal the “basilica”

1: Opening by the president of DPHCN Henk Kamperman

2: Determining number of voting rights.

3: Minutes Member Meeting 22 January 2018 in Veenendaal

4: Documents entered and notices

5: Annual Report of the Board

6: Annual report of the Treasurer period 1 January 2018 until 31 December 2018

7: Report of the Financial Committee

8: Discharge Board

9: Election Financial Committee and a Reservelid Financial Committee

10: Proposal contribution, increase by €2.50 per year for members combined with introduction discount €2.50 per year at automatic debit.

11: Setting the Budget 2018

12: Annual report Committee on breeding-cases

13: Annual Report Editorial Board

14: Report Events

15: Activities 2019

16: Board election: Resigning Joost Wegink, reelectable.
Against candidates can report 5 days prior to the ALV supported by at least 10 members.

17: Answering questions received.

18: Around question

19: Closure

  1. Dogs Global, the state of affairs by Pieter Oliehooek

There is a possibility of asking questions to both board and committees prior to the annual meeting.
These questions can be sent by mail to and will be answered as far as possible in item 17 of the agenda.

Room open from 19:00 hours.