The following litters are invited to the NAKOMELINGENDAG organized on Saturday 18 May 2019 in the Basilica Wilton Street 57 in Veenendaal.

In January, the breeders and the dog owners will receive an invitation by mail.
All puppy owners will receive an invitation by mail in mid-April.
For those who have not entered a mail address, the invitation will be sent by post.

If there are any changes to the address and/or email address you would like to pass it as soon as possible.

To the Breeders fixed the advice to inform their puppy people.

Have you bred a litter between 23-10-2016 and 30-11-2017 and will not be listed below
Or are the information below incorrect you would like to pass it on as soon as possible.

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It is also possible to have your dog’s eyes tested (ECVO) even if you are not a participant on this day. The costs for members: €32.50 per dog and for non-members €48.00 per dog. (Normally this study costs about €55.00 per dog)

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Any titles that the Dogs have obtained are not mentioned in the catalogue.

The following litters are invited:

Geb. DatumReu X TeefNHSBAantal Reu/teefFokker/eigenaar
Us Speyk f. 't Suydevelt2983255B. Buter
25 November 2017X Flo f. 't Suydevelt30071303-4J. Hoeksema
Pjotter f. 't Sydevelt2914673Mw. A. Scholten
22 November 2017X Viva la Vida f. 't Suydevelt29424833-5J.Hoeksema
Geof George v.d. Sebastiaans Hoeve2847658G. v. Luinen de Rooij
16 October 2017X Eva uit de Drentsche Streek28996492-0G. v. Luinen de Rooij
Karu fan 't Suydevelt2872052T.v. Erp
28 September 2017X Sara Elsa van Klein Elsholt28596951-0L. Kamperman
Gijs v. h. Zuudbargerveld2961811J. Hoeksema
11 Juli 2017X Hanne Lauwers28951452-3J.H. Boersma
11 Maart 2017X Amber28406213-1J. Hoeksema
5 November 2016X Katie27956431-3Mw. L. Hrouda
Rintje Indy v.h. Bergse Veld2969879E. Poppelaars
2 Juli 2017X Puk v.d. Maasduinen28868402-2W. v. Vulpen
Roef f. 't Suydevelt2930144A. Lakamp
22 November 2017X Wiesje Wyneke f. 't Suydevelt29475575-4G. Duijvelaar
8 Juni 2017X Noah f. 't Suydevelt28940623-3J. Hoeksema
9 Mei 2017X Jessie v.d. Olinckhoeve28071823-1G. Olieman
Nozem f. 't Suydevelt2894059D.L.M. Reunis
22 Mei 2017X Katja29815694-4J. Hoeksema
Jans f. 't Suydevelt2694894H.Sikkema
13 Mei 2017X Hotske Eida Lauwers28951430-1D. Hoogstra
Blitz2868421M. Jansen
22 April 2017X C'est Sara uit de Drentsche Streek28424011-2E. Dofferhoff
Bram f. 't Suydevelt2980827Dhr W. Zwaagman
20 April 2017X Zennah f.'t Suydevelt28018150-2G.J. de Wit
Tallmora Mazzel3032024M. . Laar
17 April 2017X Emma v.d. Stiphoutse Velden29694992-5Mw. J. Bijsterveld
Bomi Quilou v.d. Smalle EE2978902J. Veldman
16 Maart 2017X Renske f. 't Suydevelt2930146-2F. Glastra v. Loon
2 Maart 2017X Kirsi f. 't Suydevelt28720533-4J. Hoeksema
12 November 2016X Us Mevrouw f. 't Suydevelt29382607-3J. Hoeksema
8 November 2016X Ella v.d. Olinckhoeve29608564-5G. Olieman
Asra Tessa van Klein Elsholt2903967Mw. R. Hogeland
31 Januari 2017X Eefje uit de Drentsche Streek28996481-5L. Kamperman
20 Januari 2017X Dara v.d. Stiphoutse Velden29147261-4Th. Knip
Puk v.d. Zoterbek2930205A. Breunis
28 Januari 2017X Demi f. 't Suydevelt28226645-1G. Duijvelaar
Tristan2950004Mw. A. Sloot
31 December 2016Zita f. 't Suydevelt29669962-5R. v. Esch

Here you will find the ring classification:

NestReu XTeef Fokker
Ring 1Voor de middag
2Bram f. 't SuydeveltBXZennah f. 't SuydeveltBAJ.G. de Wit
3Nozem f. 't SuydeveltCXKatjaCAJ. Hoeksema
4Geoff George v.d. Sebastiaans hoeveDXEva uit de Drentsche StreekDAG. v. Luinen
Ring 1Na de middag
13Bomi Quilou v.d. Smalle EEJXKirsi f. 't SuydeveltJAJ.Hoeksema
14Bomi Quilou v.d. Smalle EEJXElla v.d. OlinckhoeveJBG. Olieman
15Bomi Quilou v.d. Smalle EEJXRenske f. 't SuydeveltJCF. Glastra v. Loon
16Bomi Quilou v.d. Smalle EEJXUs Mevrouw f. 't SuydeveltJDJ. Hoeksema
Ring 2voor de middag
5Rintje Indy v.h. Bergse VeldEXPuk v.d. MaasduinenEAW.v. Vulpen
6TristanFXZita f. 't SuydeveltFAR. v. Esch
7Asra Tessa v. Klein ElsholtGXEefje uit de Drentsche StreekGAL. Kamperman
8Asra Tessa v. Klein ElsholtGXDara v.d. Stiphoutse VeldenGBTh. Knip
Ring 2na de middag
17Tallmora MazzelKXEmma v.d. Stiphoutse VeldenKA J. Bijsterveld
18Jans f. 't SuydeveltLXHotske Eida LauwersLAD. Hoogstra
19Us Speyk f. 't SuydeveltMXFlo f. 't SuydeveltMAJ. Hoeksema
20Puk v.d. ZoterbekNXDemi f. 't suydeveltNAG. Duijvelaar
Ring 3voor de middag
9Pjotter f. t. SuydeveltHXViva la Vida f. 't SuydeveltHAJ. Hoeksema
10Gijs v.h. ZuudbargerveldIXHanne LauwersIAJ. Boersma
11Gijs v.h. ZuudbargerveldIXAmberIBJ. Hoeksema
12Gijs v.h. ZuudbargerveldIXKatieICL. Hrouda
Ring 3na de middag
21Roef f. 't SuydeveltOXWiesje Wyneke f. 't SuydeveltOAG. Duijvelaar
22Roef f. 't SuydeveltOXNoah f. 't SuydeveltOBJ. Hoeksema
23Roef f. 't SuydeveltOXJessie v.d. OlinckhoeveOCG. Olieman
24BlitzPXC 'est Sara uit de Drentsche StreekPAE. Dofferhoff
25Karu f. 't SuydeveltQXSara Elsa v. Klein ElsholtQAL. Kamperman