In the latest edition of our club magazine De Drentsche Patrijshond we called on our members to let us enjoy and learn from their experiences with their hunting Drent. We referred those who wanted to register for official hunting trials this year to the ORWEJA website ( Calendars for the fieldwork matches, SJPs, MAPs, PJPs and OWTs are always published here.

Unfortunately, the corona virus also throws a spanner in the works with the gundog tests and the following press release regarding the gundog tests 2020 was published by ORWEJA on April 24:

“A year without gundog tests…. health above all”

Until Tuesday, April 21, there was still hope that this year it would be possible to continue the hunting dog tests, perhaps with the help of adjustments and a protocol. On April 21, the National Government extended the measures regarding the Coronavirus in terms of events to September 1, 2020. Many of our hunting dog tests, and certainly the Nimrod, are subject to licensing. At that time it became clear that no tests could be organized until 1 September. The question of whether we should continue to prepare any tests after September 1 became urgent. Everyone who is involved in the hunting dog sport is of course very dear to this. It is not an easy decision to make. But actually there were mainly arguments for deciding not to start this season.

An explanation and more information can be found on the links below on the ORWEJA website:

Let’s all hope that the planned DPHCN hunting day on Saturday, October 3, will go ahead. During this hunting day, tests are set up, which are comparable to the official hunting tests of the KNJV. People can come and watch and encourage, but it is even more fun to participate with your Drent. There are different groups at work that day; a beginners group, under the guidance of an experienced hunter, for people who have not previously taken part in a trial and would like to “taste” what it is about. And there is also a group that already has (some) experience with training and running tests; for them, the judges give a grade per test. In the morning the C and B tests are done and in the afternoon a MAP (Multiple Fetching Tests) is set.

OOur members can register for this hunting day via our website: