The differences between both ZooEasy and Dogs Global registers

1.With Dogs Global the Breed Administrator can make a Population Analysis. This allows us to predict which way our breed will go. Unfortunately, ZooEasy is unable to do this at this time.

2. When searching for the right male with a certain bitch, Dogs Global can very easily determine which males are most suitable for this starting from the Mean Kinship in combination with inbreeding coefficient. Mean Kinship means looking at how strong a Drent is related to the very first Drenten, the founders. The lower the Mean Kinship, the more diversity in the ancestor lines.

3. In the Dogs global register we work with the inbreeding percentage calculated over all generations. In the ZooEasy register this is only possible for up to 11 generations. Working with Dogs Global is therefore much more accurate!

4. Within the Dogs Global register, the relationship is calculated in relation to the entire population. Because of this, for example, a young dog, now still green or yellow, can change to orange or red after having several offspring. (color codes indicate the degree of kinship)

5. For both registers it is valid that only breeders / male owners with a paid reading account can view the dogs and the underlying information of the dog.

For Dogs Global this means that you have to purchase the Breed Plan version.

Dogs Global makes an exception to this in the free version “Free Plan”. In this free version only the family tree, up to 3 generations, can be seen. So no inbreeding%, no kinship%, no health data, no inspection results and no possibility to test a combination.