And a new experience

Old fashioned breeding: on inbreeding

For many years our breeding has been dominated by breeding on inbreeding. This method makes it possible to prevent diseases and disorders for the nest, so the offspring of a combination. So we only influence one generation. With steering on inbreeding, there are therefore no diseases and abnormalities in the long term

Modern Breeding: Mean Kinship

dogs global

A better and wiser advice is to make use of the Mean Kinship because we aim for diversity within our breed. Only if we are able to realize a high degree of diversity, that is the degree to which a dog is related to its peers within our population, do we prevent diseases and problems within our breed.

We, all members of DPHCN, are aware that our hobby, the breeding of healthy dogs, is under a magnifying glass on many Social Media channels. So we have a joint responsibility to maintain the breed.

New insights into our breeding are therefore of the utmost importance. That is why we recommend that you all work with Dogs Global.

DPHCN = Breed administrator

DPHCN has been appointed worldwide by Dogs Global as a breed administrator for the Drentsche Patrijshonden. Gijsbert van Luinen de Rooij has been appointed as registry administrator.  

As a user, you will notice any noticeable and unnoticed changes in the coming period. These changes come about because we are adding more and more dogs to the register. We do this together with all our sister associations in Europe and America.

The available information will also increase. At the moment, approval and health reports are not yet visible. This was deliberately chosen because a rapid introduction of the register is priority 1.

Every day, behind the scenes, we work hard to expand the functionality.