Hunting day 2020

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Saturday 3 October is a date to note in your agenda. DPHCN organizes another hunting day for its members on the grounds of the Waltakke in Lochem!

This event will continue despite the Covid 19 developments.

During the hunting day, tests will be set up, which are comparable to the official hunting tests of the KNJV. You can come and watch, but the best thing is of course to participate with your dog! There are different groups; a beginners group, under the guidance of an experienced hunter, for people who have not previously participated in a test and would like to ‘taste’ what it is about and a group that already has experience with training and running, for them there is also given by the judges per test.

In the morning the C and B tests will be done. You can think of following on a leash, but also separately, and retrieving; for the advanced with real game and for the beginners with a dummy. After the morning program there is time for a nice lunch on the site and to chat or ask questions about the morning program. In the afternoon a number of MAP tests will be set out. MAP stands for Multiple Fetch Tests, where your dog has to pick up two pieces of game / dummies in one test. Sometimes hidden in the forest, sometimes “shot” on the open field.

For the advanced the more fun work, but also for beginners who are already a bit familiar with retrieving very nice! After the afternoon program there is time for a drink and whether you are a beginner or already advanced, everyone will receive a certificate! Fill in the form below if you want to register.

Please note, registration is only possible for members for DPHCN. Closing once the maximum of 40 participants has been reached, so register in time.

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