1. The Breeders Plan is personal and not transferable to third parties or other members within the association.
  2. The costs for a Breeders Plan are € 36.00 per year. Breeders who only breed or have bred via DPHCN receive a refund of € 36.00. With this in mind that the breeder produces at least one litter every year. If this is not the case, no refund can be granted or will be withdrawn for the current year.
  3. Requesting a Breeders Plan goes through the DPHCN website. Applications submitted directly to Dogs Global are not eligible for a refund.
  4. Non-members can also purchase a Breeders Plan via DPHCN. With this they obtain full support from the registrar administrator where necessary. Upon termination of membership of DPHCN, a Breeders Plan to which a refund applies is put on hold. The former member can then choose to continue the Breeders Plan against regular payment.
  5. If a DPHCN breeder breeds outside of DPHCN, then his Breeders Plan is put on hold. You then have the choice to continue the Breeders Plan against regular payment.
  6. Copying data or otherwise using or providing data for publication is not permitted. This includes reference on social media or forums to data from Dogs Global that can cause direct or indirect damage to a dog owner / breeder and / or one of the associations and / or the Dutch Kennel Club. This includes any kind of image damage and / or defamation.
  7. Login data from the Breeders Plan may never be provided to third parties.
  8. If the holder of Breeders Plan nevertheless performs (one of) the aforementioned acts as mentioned under points 6 and 7, the Breeders Plan will be blocked without reimbursement of costs. Former holder (or one of the family members at the same address) will then never again be assigned a Breeders Plan.
  9. Changes to the register can be reqested via the DPHCN website. Changes that are not entered by the owner / breeder will not be accepted.
  10. If the change concerns a disease, disorder or death as a result, the owner of the dog must submit a veterinary certificate in addition to the report.
  11. The holder can cancel the Breeders Plan by sending an email to register@dphcn.nl. DPHCN is not obliged to refund any costs of the Breeders Plan.
  12. Pictures uploaded to Dog Global have to be free of copyrights. Pictures with kennel names or logo’s will be deleted without further notice.