Who is Janny Offereins…..

John O DonnellFor many of you I will certainly be no stranger. Many of you have also been a member of or are still a member of the VDP. You have heard enough in the past period, why a second association was set up, but more on that later.

During the  over 40 years that I have been working for the Cynology and yet, but mainly for the Drentsche Partridge Dog, I have gained a lot of experience in various areas of dog sport. I would like to share a lot of these experiences with you. Especially since I am a member of several other cynology associations, such as the KNJV, K.N.K. Cynofilia and Kunogonda, I have gained a fairly broad view of the Dutch Cynology.

Because many members may not know exactly what associations are, I will open a booklet in the course of time. The knowledge that I have amassed over our race in all these years, I have written to a large extent in my book, ‘ The Drentsche Partridge Dog in past and present ‘.

By means of headings or articles in the newsletter or the Club magazine, I’ll try to deal with current issues, but also on the history of Cynologic Nederland.

Best regards

Janny Offereins