It has been more than 3 months since life was turned upside down. Or rather; was largely shut down. The world was confronted by Covid-19.

It was a bit difficult but we are now quite used to our “new” life. The so-called 1.5 meter society. Working from home is quite good. We realize that, thanks to the restrictions and rules, we have more time to spare. Unfortunately, in many cases the holiday to that sunny resort cannot continue. So we have time to fulfill that long-cherished wish; the purchase of a puppy. A Drentsche Partridge dog..

At the moment, the demand for Drentenpups is overwhelming.

That seems fantastic. Applications come in from all breeders within our association and phone calls can no longer be counted. It may sound a bit unpleasant, but we do not have a warehouse with pregnant bitches and puppies. They are not available from stock.

Each puppy is bred carefully and it takes a long time to complete it. The mating from the bitch to the puppy fledging out already takes 17 weeks. About 4 months, the breeder has been working with love and attention on the bitch and the puppies.

Dear puppy buyer, board and breeders of DPHCN ask you to carefully consider whether a puppy, soon to be a young Drent, will also suit you in the future. When the Covid-19 crisis is under control. If ordinary, busy life can be picked up. If that vacation can be booked to that sunny place. Or another night out without restrictive rules. A Drent can be alone for a few hours, but not for hours or days on end. He cannot and does not deserve it. And besides, he must have learned to be alone for a while.

Do you still have the time later on?

We do not want to discourage you from purchasing a Drentsche Patrijshond puppy. Certainly not! But please think carefully.

Do you not only have time for a puppy now, but also in a few months or a year when he is older? Can you give him a future?

No, then make the wise decision not to purchase a puppy. If so, you have a great dog for about 12 years. A friend for life!