• Mean Kinship
    1. Mean Kinship is the average relationship of the dog with the entire population including itself.
    2. The more related a dog is to the population, the less it will contribute to diversity! (genes of the dog already present in the population)
    3. A low Mean Kinship means that a dog is not closely related to the population, so that its genes are less present throughout the population. (by spreading the genes of this dog to increase the diversity and therefore reducing the kinship)
Mean Kinship Formula's
  • Mean Kinship vs Inbreed
    1. Inbreeding tells you how likely it is that the same genes are inherited from both mothers and father in a specific dog.
    2. Mean Kinship indicates whether the genes of this specific dog occur on average in the entire population.
    3. The less related animals are to each other, the lower the inbreeding.
    4. Important fact: Inbreeding does not immediately cause too little diversity, but a lack of genetic diversity does increase inbreeding.
    5. You can only calculate the actual inbreeding of a combination if you do this over all generations (we do this in Dogs Global). Calculation up to the founders of the breed.
    6. Focus on inbreeding can lead to inbreeding depression:
      – Decreases the fitness of the animals, they live shorter, give fewer offspring and fertility decreases.
      – Ensures a poorly functioning immune system, which causes a greater risk of disease due to bacteria and viruses (greater risk of cancer).