Report Jubilee Championship Clubmatch on september 7th, 2019 Posted September 11, 2019 by Janny Offereins-Snoek

The first anniversary

Five years ago, the first Club match was realized by a young association with many enthusiastic dog lovers, who are determined to make something beautiful out of it. The board of that time is still very active. Almost all of the committee members are still in place. Nothing escapes them and if there is only one discreet word the chairman is there, after which the ripple is smoothed out in no time.

The number of members, 50 members, who were initially there, have now grown to a respectable number of more than 600! Well, then the board can also do something for its members and ensure that they also have a good feeling about this 5th Anniversary club match.


The chairman, Henk Kamperman, opens the 5th Club match, including 4 Championship Club matches, on this bright day. Despite the weather gods, the sun is shining and the terrain in Lochem looks beautiful. We all cross fingers that the weather remains so bright.

Henk welcomes the judges, the ladies R. Leenen – Compen, G.A.M. de Wit-Bazelmans and D. Mensink, as well as the ring masters and writers. It is great that they have again been prepared to fulfill a task in the ring. The members who do a lot of work behind the scenes are also mentioned. They all have their hands full, because there are many dogs, 114, registered and there are only 3 absents. The chairman wishes all a nice and sporty day.

The game starts

The breed expert was asked if she would like to walk along the rings and make some notes or reward dogs that “stand out” with an asterisk in the catalog.

The rings are spacious. After all, there is more than enough space. This allows the owners to show the movements of their dogs beautifully. That is also necessary, because every now and then there really has to be an extra round. There is so much interest to smell and see for the dogs. Nevertheless, ring training would benefit many dogs. The judges, who are used to judging at club matches, know that it is often the first time that owners of mostly young dogs come to a show and they certainly have a lot of patience. Yet there is a critical eye, because there are points to earn. A CAC or RCAC. A CAC on a Championship Clubmatch earns 2 points for the Championship! The competition is fierce, which is why, just like at the Winner Exhibition, 2 points are awarded for a CAC and 1 point for an RCAC.

Around the rings

The board members walks along the rings as much as possible and tries to have a chat with many. The atmosphere is great. Many exhibitors have brought a tent or something similar or a parasol, so that they have their own place. There is much talk and laughter. They give each other a success and also try to show the dog as well as possible.

Here and there a dark cloud comes into view, but it still stays nice and dry, despite the bad weather reports.


No, luckily there are only a few drops. Very large, but it is over again, while the judges continue. The judges can handle this.

In fact, it is so warm that clothes are pulled layer after layer until everyone walks around in a summer outfit. What an unexpected gift.

Lunch break

The judging well advanced when an afternoon break is inserted. Everyone can eat their own sandwiches for a while. Excellent catering is also available on site. The judges, ring staff and the board members are going to freshen up for a while, and, as it is called so beautifully, they are offered a simple lunch. Economy with this association is an asset. The motto is: the members’ money is for the members. That’s how it is.

A few more dogs have to be judged

A few more dogs have to be introduced to the judges, followed by the child-dog show. A fun event every year. There are 20 registrations for this event. How exciting this is, but also very endearing, when little kids try to control their big friend. No discordant word, neither from the children nor a growl from the dogs.

Only one can win and that is Kris Harmsen with Bes van Klein Elsholt nickname Pippa. However, no one is forgotten, because all children receive a big teddybear + a quartet game and a backpack with surprises.

All exhibitors receive a medal. This is not all, because there is a bag of food offered by Brit Petfood for all participants. For the best of breed, the BOB, there is a 15 kg bag from the same producer and from the Frieling company, a beautiful kennel signboard.

After this event a lottery will take place, which has already been announced in the morning. The catalog number is also the lot number. Many kennels or “normal” members have made great prizes available. This indicates how good the relationship is within the Club. There are also 20 great prizes on the table, including a trim for the dog, a regional Brabant package, a dog pillow or a Belgian regional beer package, a gift voucher or an extra large pull rope. It is really too much to mention and definitely worth winning. A playful gift from a kennel keeper, who is also a farmer, a bag of potatoes and onions, fresh from the land!

Honory Judgements

There are various prizes on display and in addition to cups, glass standards with the Club logo have been added. Very nice.

The judgements are completed at a smooth pace, which means that almost all exhibitors stay. There will of course be more and that is the BBQ for everyone who has signed up for it and that is almost everyone.

All results can now be read on the website; I do not want to deny you the Club winner and the Runner-up.

Best of breed has become: The male “Us Speyk fan’t Suydevelt” from B. Büter. Second is the female of T. de Reus-de Haan and M. de Reus: DC Senna Sophie v.d. Lage Nesse. Congratulations!

The prizes are divided, the table is empty. Everything is ready just in time before the rain can confuse the judgements. It was a wonderful dog party.

Good Riddance

The board and many, many helpers break down the rings and tents. Nothing needs to be asked, those who stay, and that is almost everyone, clean up everything together. Really worth a big compliment

In the meantime, the BBQs are lit and the meat and sauces are displayed. Well, there is more than enough for everyone.

When we are all sheltered, it starts to shatter. “Never mind”, we are dry and it smells delicious.

As if there is not enough talk, the conversations continue undisturbed. What did they talk about? Of course about their dogs.

Around 9 p.m. it is really over, although not everything is finished. All bring the dogs into the car, everything is cleaned up again, and all exhibitors and helpers can still be home at a reasonable time.

Off to the 6th Championship Clubmatch in 2020!

Janny Offereins