The Drentsche Partridge Dog is bred on three specific character characteristics:

ERF Dog-As a hound

-As guard hond
-As a family dog


The Drentsche Partridge Dog is originally a peasant dog that was used for both hunting and farmyard. This has formed its character.

Today, the ‘ Drent ‘ is still found on many farms in the north and east of the country. The Drentsche Partridge Dog has also found its place as a family dog. There are even many Drenten, or Dutch Patridge dogs, as the English name states, to be found abroad. For example, there are kennel clubs in Denmark, Sweden and Luxembourg.

In Germany, the ordinary Dutch name is used, and the name ‘ Holländische Rebhunhund ‘ is also popularly used there.

JurreThe Drent is an allround hunting dog. Because of his good nose he knows how to find wild. He is soft in the mouth and will bring the game to the boss undamaged. The demeanor designates the game as a dog, but also fetches as the best.

With the hunt, the Drenthe farmers filled their scant income. As a hunting dog, The Drent is an active, curious dog who likes to work and also has own input because he must be able to search the hunting ground independently. He stays close to the hunter.

In his role as guard hond, the delimiter is guards and alert and be there when needed.

Although the Drentsche Partridge Dog is not aggressive, it will guard the yard. Visitors are barking at the boss logged in. This finds its origins in the history of the breed. Drenthe farmers sold many products to the house. Visitors had to be noticed and reported to the boss, but were not allowed to be chased. The Drentsche Partridge dog greeted the customers friendly.

The Drent is a very sweet, affectionate house dog that feels strongly connected to his family. The dog is so affectionate that he tends to chase the boss or the Mistress throughout the house. Some people find this less pleasant. His soft character and cheerfulness also make the delight a great children’s friend, although children have to learn to deal with a dog.

Tim_300x201 sAs a family dog, the Drent is affectionate, a real hug, and he can cope well with children. Also with pets the dellosa goes well. As far as children are concerned, the definery must be protected against itself, because sometimes they allow more children than is good.

The Drent is very stubborn and playful, so the upbringing will require a lot of patience, but also a good dose of humor. The Dellosa is also a dog that needs his movement. Once a day a long walk or next to the bike run, is a must.  If a definite does not get enough movement, he will become restless in the house and clearly unhappy

The dellosa is not a dog for an outside kennel. He really needs the company of people.

It is the combination of the above features that makes the Drentsche Partridge dog to who he is. The working properties cannot be seen separately. Because of the centuries-long development as a working dog, the dog has an innate desire to obey. This does not mean that good and consistent education is of great importance.

Because of its soft character, the Drentsche Partridge Dog is unsuitable for a hard education. However, the dog needs to be brought up very consistently.

The character in a nutshell: Intelligent and sensitive, cheerful and vivid, curious and affectionate.