EducationThe Drentenpup teaches the most between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks.  (This also applies to all dogs). Whatever you learn, he no longer forgets, provided you continue to use the trained.

The Drent is a very intelligent dog that gives him a lot to learn. Keep in mind the soft nature. Par Force Training is therefore out of the question! A demeanor is more difficult than average to raise. In addition, a dellosa, later than other dogs, is mature.  It takes 2 years for the Desmet to be really mature. Be consistent, but do not raise the voice.

Ruben-MaxBecause the Drent is genetically laid out for hunting, a training in that direction will fit the dog well. Take into account the ability of the dellosa to think and make choices. In addition, the sensory input of a demeanor is higher than in many other varieties.

Patience and a dose of humor are certainly useful in the education of your Drent because of his own wise intelligent character. If you apply this, you have a buddy for life and a very reliable hunting buddy.


Puppies-Frolic-1024x730A Drentsche Partridge dog does not need a lot of grooming. Does your dog dive into a ditch and get dirty? No need, a dellosa is self-cleaning and its fur will be perfectly clean after an hour. Washing is not necessary. Use, if you wash your depression anyway, no shampoo. This does not benefit the fur!

Brush the fur up to 1x per week. Trimming is generally not necessary.

Because the hair between the toes can become quite long it is important to cut them regularly. The hair ring on the ears is long, but should not exceed the length of the ears. Pick the hair on the ears with some regularity and cut too long hair to acceptable length. Always make sure that a depression cannot be ‘ clipped ‘.

The nails of a Drent grow pretty quickly. Usually faster than they can wear out on a hard surface. Regular clipping is therefore a must. When you wait for too long, it becomes more difficult to see where life in the nail begins. So Start with it in time.