Soon you can register your Drent for an official SJP (standard hunting dog trial) at different locations in the country.

For the SJP the registration will be opened this year on June 3 And for the MRT on June 4.

Please note that the standard hunting dog trial has been modified; The SJP new style.

Below is some explanation of why and what has changed.


In October 2018, the Committee on Hunting Dogs (CJ) decided to install a working group at the request of the Board of Hounds Commissioners (RJC). The task of this group was to revise the examination tests for hunting dogs in relation to contemporary hunting practice and training methods. This showed that the exam tests were no longer representative. Therefore it has been decided to adjust the exam tests for hunting dogs.
The Working Group had also been instructed to test the alternatives to a so called Kbg. This group was to reflect renowned participants in bird dog trials, members of training groups, dog schools and organizing agencies.
The Working Group also received a number of frameworks in the assignment:

  • Reduction of wildlife use
  • Training innovations for the Dogs Sufficient guarantees in the examination test SJP
  • Make sure the exam stays focused on working with the dog in the current hunting practice.


After a number of meetings, the workgroup made a proposal and presented it to the KBG-group. The KBG has conducted a constructive consultation and considered that the proposed tests were an improvement on the current tests.

The KBG would also like to see a change in the time when the C and B Components do not have to be repeated, once they have been properly Result.

Working Group proposal

The Working Group subsequently completed its mission and reported it to the Committee on hunting Dogs.

  • The C-Diploma is more than before a test to assess whether the dog l earned enough basic skills. A dog with a C-diploma still has insufficient basis to go along hunting. This is why the Working Group believes that these tests with dummies can be performed where applicable. Working with cold game, on which the hunting dog does indeed have to test, the hunting dog in upcoming is sufficiently covered in the B and A test.
  • Moreover, the use of wild animals is significantly saved when Basic skills with a dummy work instead of with game. There are in addition, fewer numbers of wild animals are used, but several species. This will create more affiliation with the MAP’s
  • A number of C tests have been adapted in such a way that they modern training methods and jachtpraktijk situations. More anticipated temptations that dogs also encounter during hunting. This Makes the C-parts more useful, but also more attractive to perform and Assess
  • The A trials are more close to the Jachtpraktijk situations.
  • The tests have retained their structure.


  • In this setup it is assumed that in the morning no game will be awarded for each participant.
  • Wild is used several times in various tests. This gives an additional task to the judge to judge after each retrieve whether the game can be used again.
  • When the model retrieve is right next to the boss is also “perfect”

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