26 May JL. Our 4th DPHCN Offspring Day took place in "the Basilica" in Veenendaal.

Partly because of the dedication of many volunteers, some were already present at 7.00 hours in Veenendaal, the weather has become a successful day where we as committee breeding business can see.

In the morning in the three rings a total of 15 litters were approved and after the break another 12 litters. A whole task for our three electoral masters, Mrs L.J.M. hell-van den Alders, Mr M. Hamood and Mr H. Schenk.

After the opening by Joost Wegink, the inspections were launched at 9.30 hours.

What is it always a cosiness as during the Nakomelingendag the breeders see their "pupkopers" and self-bred puppies as "young adult dellosa". Have a nice drink together and have something to eat, watch the dogs and follow the many stories about our Drenten.

It is of course an exciting day for all Drenten owners who have come to Veenendaal with their beautiful and sweet dellosa. For many of them it is the first time they participate in a "Drenten event" and often do not know what is waiting for them. But once in the ring, this tension is quickly passed, partly because of the good guidance of our Ring masters and of course the peace and expertise of our Keur masters who know how to deal with the often inexperienced dogs.

And if it is likely to go wrong, there is always a hand that is outstretched by an experienced bringer, so that all dogs are shown optimally to the Keur masters.

Together with our Keur masters we can look back on a successful day. Partly due to the high turnout of an average of 70% pups per litter, almost all litters could be properly assessed. This is very important for DPHCN. Especially for our "studdogs", which must show 3 litters after they have been covered up to 5 times, before they can make a further contribution to breeding.

It is therefore very good that many Drenten owners, despite the beautiful weather, have taken the trouble to show their young demeanor to the judge and have contributed to our breeding and the future of our breed.

The latter also applies to the eye research, to which many Drenten have also participated. Many dogs they examined by the eye specialists of the Sandt with a good result.

As an organisation we can be very satisfied and we would like to thank once again all our breeders, the Drenten owners, our Keur masters and of course all the volunteers, for their contribution to this successful day. Also a special thanks to the staff of "the basilica" who once again made every effort to make it a successful day.

Now, as a commission, we have only one thing left: evaluating the day and then quickly dealing with the 5th Nakomelingendag that will take place in the spring of 2019.

On behalf of the Committee on Breeding Affairs
John Wegink