The show for the Dutch dog breeds "DE NATIONALE" continues!

After a break of some years we can proudly inform you that THE show of Dutch dog breeds is back on the show agenda.

On Saturday 29 June 2019 in the Hanzehal in Zutphen.

"THE NATIONAL" is a biennial show that only applies to the Dutch dog breeds and where the kennel clubs ´ Act will give the presence ´.

You are all asked to take part in this great event and especially to pass it on to third parties to see as many dogs as possible on this day.
What could be better than seeing all our beautiful Dutch dog breeds on one day and in one place together and enjoying them?

Write it in your diary and keep this date free, a year is so over.



This show is organized by the following 4 kennel clubs:
-Drentsche Partridge Dogs Club Netherlands (DPHCN)
-Association ' our Stabyhoun '
-Association for Stabijhoun and Wetterhoun (NVSW)
-Association of Saarloos Wolf Dogs (NVSWH)

The Division of tasks for the organization of THE NATIONAL is as follows:

Chairman Mr. Jan Anton Rate (NVSW)
Secretary Ms Diana Striegel
Treasurer Mr Henk Kamperman (DPHCN)
Sponsoring Mr. Hein de Winter (our Stabyhoun)/Mr. JAAP Halligan (DPHCN)
Organization General Mrs. Ball (NVSW)

Prices and website Mr. Kees van der Geer (NVSWH)

You will be kept informed about the show and the Keur masters who will be invited to the next time.

Cooperative Dutch Dog Breeds

From the consultation "Dutch Dog Breeds Association" the initiative was taken to organise THE NATIONAL weather.
Within the partnership, 14 kennel clubs are involved which represent the 9 Dutch varieties.

Of these 14 kennel clubs, 4 associations have taken the initiative to jointly organise THE NATIONAL for 2019.

In order to ensure the best interests of the Dutch varieties, the partnership has submitted a joint request to the management board to be recognised as "group for the Dutch varieties".

On 25 January 2018, a new board was elected at the meeting in Woudenberg, in which the following persons are seated:

Chairman Mr. Jan Anton Rate (NVSW)
Secretary Mrs. Kolster (VVHH)
Treasurer Mr Henk Kamperman (DPHCN)

They will be the contact point of the partnership.