Drentsche Partridge Dogs Club Nederland (DPHCN) has the following objectives:

  1. DPHCN is an association of members with a member-designated board working together in a flat organization.
  2. DPHCN promotes the interaction between the members and the association; Delight and mutual contact are at the top of the priority list.
  3. The breeding policy of DPHCN is aimed at connecting with societal vision on the breed dogs and wants to make a difference in this.
  4. The breeding policy strives to maintain a healthy Drentsche spaniel population, through information and guidance and periodic breeders consultations.
  5. DPHCN strives for openness of governance. Summaries of board meetings will be placed on a member-accessible part of the website.
  6. Social Media, like eg Website and Facebook, will be actively deployed by DPHCN.
  7. DPHCN becomes an active contact point for foreign breeders.