1. The read account is only granted to members or family members of Drentsche Partridge Dog Club Nederland (DPHCN).
  2. The reading account is personal and non-transferable to third parties or other members within the association.
  3. The cost for a read account is €7.50 per year and can only be paid after the first year via automatic debit via our payment provider Mollie. DPHCN biller ID: NL39ZZZ610951250000
  4. A reading account is provided after approval and receipt of payment.
  5. Personal data from owners will not be visible in a read account unless the name and phone number are displayed.
  6. The reading account is terminated at the time of termination of membership of the Association. Where the Verenigingslid membership always ends at 31-12 of a calendar year, the read account shall be terminated by the date of receipt of the termination without any refund of costs.
  7. Copying or otherwise using or providing data for publication is not permitted. If the holder of the reading account performs these actions, the membership of DPHCN will be terminated immediately and the read account shall be blocked without refund of fees and membership fees.
  8. Cancelling the read account by the holder can be by means of an email to info@dphcn.nl. DPHCN is not obliged to refund any costs of the read account.